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Part 3 of Our Science Series | Stellar Sleep is the culmination of decades of sleep research and is based on CBT-I, the most effective known treatment for insomnia. Learn more about our program.

Stellar Sleep is the culmination of decades of sleep research. Our curriculum was designed in collaboration with top sleep experts at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital and is based on CBT-I, which is the most effective known treatment for insomnia.

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Highly effective

Stellar Sleep is proven to be highly effective. We have helped over 10,000 users fall asleep faster, spend more time asleep, and wake up less during the night, and many of them were able to see results in as little as 2 weeks.

In a research study with a cohort of 100 patients, Stellar Sleep outperformed sleeping pills and CBT-I delivered over telemedicine in reducing symptoms of insomnia, and is just as effective as in-person CBT-I. The results are based on measured improvements in insomnia severity index score (ISI) from the start of the program to the end of the program. ISI is the most widely adopted screening tool used by physicians to assess symptoms of insomnia and has been clinically validated.

Over 80% of patients who used Stellar Sleep reported a permanent improvement in sleep quality. Our users reported an average of 74 min increase in total sleep time53 min reduction in time to fall asleep, and 52% fewer awakenings in the middle of the night.

We’re also in the process of running a full clinical study with Brigham and Women’s Hospital, a Harvard Medical School teaching hospital, under a grant from the Massachusetts eHealth institute. We are hopeful that our strong clinical evidence will put us one step forward in our mission of helping the hundreds of millions of people globally with insomnia get better sleep.

Developed by top experts

The Stellar Sleep program was developed by certified CBT-I experts and sleep specialists with years of clinical experience and who have seen hundreds of insomnia patients each year. In addition, we worked with top sleep experts and clinicians at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital to ensure that our curriculum is clinically accurate and highly effective. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, and that’s why physicians trust our product and are willing to refer their patients to us.

More than just CBT-I

Stellar Sleep is more than just CBT-I delivered on a smartphone. Our daily lessons are tailored based on your specific needs to help you best accomplish your sleep goals. We use an intelligent algorithm to analyze your sleep patterns and adjust your bedtime automatically for deeper slumber. Furthermore, we supplement the traditional CBT-I program with lessons on relaxation techniques such as breathing exercises, progressive muscle relaxation, and meditation. Our app includes many hours of soundscapes, sleep music, bedtime stories, meditation and relaxation exercises that are designed to help you wind-down and achieve a state of hyper-relaxation for restorative sleep.

Invest in your sleep today

This concludes our deep dive series on the Science behind insomnia and CBT-I. If you or a loved one suffer from insomnia, don’t just live with it or wait it out. Sleep is the single most powerful mechanism given to us by Mother Nature to consolidate memories, enhance learning, flush harmful toxins from our brain, regulate emotions and reset our physical health each day, and not sleeping well jeopardizes all of that. While it is impossible to put a price tag to a good night’s rest, we dare say that if you suffer from insomnia, Stellar Sleep might be the best investment that you can make today.

Download Stellar Sleep today for a 7-day trial. Your purchase is covered by a 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days, no questions asked.

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