Evidence-Based Sleep Improvement, Backed by Research.

We believe in the power of science to guide your journey in helping you wave goodbye to those sleepless nights.

Stellar Sleep is a sleep psychology app that is supported by science.

Our curriculum was developed with sleep experts, we're undergoing clinical validation with leading sleep researchers at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s hospital, and we’ve already helped over 10,000 users get better sleep, permanently.

Over 80% of our users dramatically improve their sleep

74 min

Increase in totaltime asleep

53 min

Less time needed to fall asleep


Less time awake in the middle of the night

Understanding insomnia

Learn about why sleep matters and how poor sleep can affect your physical health, mental health, and productivity. Learn the causes behind insomnia.

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How does psychology help?

CBT-I, or cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia, is one of the methods we employ in Stellar Sleep. Learn more about CBT-I and how it works.

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Why Stellar Sleep

Stellar Sleep is the culmination of decades of sleep research and is based on proven psychology. Learn more about our program.

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